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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  June 5, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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francisco fugitive case. fbi agents return to the home of ryan chamerlin. one of his neighbors confronted one of the agents. mark matthews was there when it happened. >> i'm outside of his address here on jackson street. this is where fbi agents, members of the bomb squad and the hazardous material team conducted their second search since saturday. fbi spokesman peter lee kept repeating today's search was routine. moments later a new zealand interrupted. she exbs plained her law office is opposite his apartment. from inside her office, she took pictures of the hazardous materials team in their white protective suits. >> i'm the person closest to
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this thing. he's just right through the wall from me. >> she pepped barlow with questions. >> so, you're telling me it's okay to go in there, but you don't know what the potential -- >> quite honestly, we're not -- >> lot of conflict here. >> off camera, the fbi's peter lee repeated what is in the criminal complaint that the 42-year-old media consultant had in his bag what the fbi is describing as an improvised explosive device. he was arrested monday and before he was picked up, he reportedly posted an online suicide note. since then, friends and neighbors have been coming to his defense. this week, his attorney's public defender asked for a full psychiatric evaluation and so far, chamberlain, being held without bail and has yet to enter a plea.
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. >> thanks, mark. one man dead shot by a sunnyvale police officer. now, an investigation is underway. police say the man they killed was wanted for murder. >> he certainly was. in fact, he's accused of killing a woman that he was acquainted with here in sunnyvale. investigators are coming the area, looking for evidence. the shooting happened at the corner house here and investigators spent the day collecting evidence in the first officer involved shooting in sunnyvale this year. >> it was like boom, boom, you could hear gunfire. it was crazy. you wouldn't expect to hear it out here. >> denise was stunned to learn just a few doors away, one of her neighbors was shot an killed this money by officers.
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>> the officers knocked on the door. trieded to make contact with the person that was nameded in the warrant. the person ignored orders and displayed a weapon. >> that weapon was a long gun. officers fired on the man and killed him. investigators say they were at this home serving search and arrest warrants for the man who lived here. they say he is suspected of murdering a woman he knew. >> this homicide investigation arose out of a missing persons case. >> the body in the case has never been found and they are not giving details about the victim. officers spent the day collecting evidence and investigating the shooting. they even brought in a fire truck to take photos of the scene from a bird's eye view. investigators won't say how many officers were involved in the shooting. no officers or neighbors were hurt. police are not giving us the name of the man who was shot, but i did talk to his uncle who
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owned the home and said he rented it out to his nephew, who was between the ages of 48 and 55 and he said police told him that his nephew was in fact the man who was shot. >> more details now, the last time public safety officers shot and killed someone was last august. officers say they opened fire when the suspect charged at them. the man called 911, claiming he had killed someone. police found a woman dead inside that home. last month, a district attorney cleared the three officers of any wrong doing in that case. beware of those red light cameras. today, the california supreme court made it easier for prosecutors to use the images against drivers who fail to stop at traffic lights. the ruling is in response to an appeal by a southern california driver. she argued the state should prove the orderings are
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authentic. the court rejected that argument. new at 5:00, looking for love. a paralyzed east bay man is desperately searching for his lost service dog. the dog's name is love. he believes the toy poodle was dog napped. >> love has been missing now for fleerly nearly 24 hours. the family has set up a makeshift command post here at the marina. there is somebody manning the phones here. this area is completely plastered with lost dog fliers. as the man searches for his lost dog, love. >> she's like a hero dog. hero friend to me. you know, i really swrus want to get her back. >> he is heartbroken and worried. his service dog and best friend, love, is missing. he believes dog napped from the marina where the pair went last night to exercise.
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love disappeared as he was getting his backpack out of his car. she would never leave my side. >> love's been at his side for the past seven years, seeing him through his darkest days. he was paralyzed six years after he was robbed and shot in san francisco. >> you know, i wouldn't have made it this far if it wasn't for her, just being there for me when nobody was there for me. nobody's been there for me like my dog. >> now, he and love help others through their non-profit, life go on, the pair counsel patients hospitalized. >> she's helped not only to me and means a lot to me, but means a lot to other people. >> but now, love needs help. they are doing all they can to fipd her. >> i really hope and pray that god can bring her back to me. >> and there appears to be a
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late breaking development in this case. the brother of the dog owner is just getting a call, a tip and it appears that the dog has been found. andrew, can you tell us what has happened? >> supposedly, they found her, a guy bought her at a walmart in oakland yesterday. >> for $50. >> for $50. that's what he told me. >> and he just texted you a photo of love? >> it's love. >> how are you feeling? >> i'm happy. >> does your brother know? >> he doesn't know yet. >> that's great news. again, a late breaking development. somebody called in with with a tip and texted a photo. it appears the dog has been found and the dog will be returning here soon. >> that's great that they'll be rerunted. caught in the act on the last day of school. students at palo alto high
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school accused of cheating on an algaebra final exam. this following an incident this year when a senior was caught changing her grades. some say cheating has become part of the competitive culture. >> there's a lot of competition and stress and a lot of people feel they have to get a good grade to go somewhere. they feel their grades define their sbel yens. >> students have the option of keeping their grades before the test. the president of san jose state university is calling for a new investigation tonight following one of our reports. tony, this stems from questionable spending. something you exposed earlier this year. >> it does and it centers on what some are calling ironic lack of justice in the justice studies department. the university president has
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asked the chancellor's office to come in and conduct a complete financial review, essentially a special audit. his decision raises questions about the timing. it comes a full xwreer -- there were no fiscal improprieties. a strange conclusion considering it found the department head used money from an unauthorized account to pay for nearly $7,000 in personal expenses. >> help our viewers understand why you did nothing until this issue showed up on tv. >> i was concerned about the narrow report that created on campus. i was concerned that's why i asked our chancellor's office to look at the issue closely and based on the findings, take appropriate action. >> tonight at 11:00, we dig deeper into the decision by the president of san jose state. we ask why some in the justice studies department have accused the university of covering up the spending problems and
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conducting what they call an incomplete investigation. that's at 11:00. >> we'll see you later tonight. if you have a tip for tony on this story or any other story, we urge you to call our tip line. or send us an e-mail to the unit at still to come, the crime police say this man was trying to commit and how he tried to cover his tracks. and a new local super bowl logo and millions of dollars in tech support. and after throwing out the first pitch, he leaped into sergio romo's arms. what we've learned about the giants fan and how he inspires others. and good afternoon. i'm jeff ranieri. fog rolling through san francisco. will provide plenty of climb extremes. temperatures will range anywhere from 60s to 100s.
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coming up in just a few minutes. then a san jose officer busted. the third cop arrested in the last year. >> what's very concerning is that there is a significant ripple effect through the system. why it could be a get out of jail free card for convicted criminals.
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we told you at the top of this newscast, the latest in about this campus shooting at seattle pacific university. these are live pictures from our helicopter in seattle. at least four have been shot and one man has died following the shooting. seattle pacific is a small christian college with about 4500 students. near downtown seattle. the gunman is in custody. the alleged gunman is in custody. the school and surrounding area
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remains on lock down. now to new video of a brazen burglary suspect in fremont. police say the man is trying to take out the video surveillance camera. he uses a board to knock the camera off position. here's a closer look at the suspect. cops say he then kicks at a door, enters the home with the alarm sounding, but apparently got spooked because he took off shortly after going into the house. this happened yesterday. if you recognize this man, you can contact the fremont police department. the worldwide spotlight, levy stadium is not only preparing for the 49ers, but after that, the super bowl. it's getting a big boost from some local tech companies. scott budman joins us with the latest on what the first of seven big games. >> everyone's looking forward to february 7th, 2016.
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the super bowl will be here at the stadium. today, we learned of several companies like google, yahoo! and intel that donate millions for what it will off set taxpayers. the bay area gets ready for spotlight and when i say the bay area as a whole, we saw mayors from san francisco and santa clara take pains today to stress this will be a bay area wide event even though the logo says san francisco and as you know, the game itself will be played here in santa clara. the team says hey, there's money for every city involved because this has been a bay area wide effort. >> it's a culmination of a lot of hard work and a lot of things that we do throughout the bay area. and i'm just happy that it is coming together here and the stadium has made it possible that we can do this. >> the organizers of the super
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bowl party waeighed in, saying the nfl owns the logo. coming up, you'll hear from the mayors on why they expect their cities to benefit so much. reportinging live in santa cl a clara, scott budman. switching from football to baseball, a memorable moment from a giants game last week. it wasn't the fact they beat the cubs, it was the giants fan who won people's hearts. >> that fan would be charlie hughes. what he and his family are doing for so many others. >> a year ago, charlie hughes gave a speech at a benefit for the non-profit, hope services. in attendance, giant great, will clark. after wards, he asked if there was anything he could do. charlie knew just what to ask
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for. >> throwing out tonight's ceremonial first pitch. >> we should all be so lucky that when our moment in the ooempk sun arrives, we are ready to embrace it like charlie hughes did his. in charlie's case, literally. >> let's hear it for giants superfan, charlie hughes. >> the image of charlie leaping into the arms of sergio romo after throwing out the first pitch was a bit of a social media sensation. charlie's joy bringing smiles and inspiration to thousands of others. none more so than his mom, kathleen. >> i just laughed. my husband, tony and i just laughed. that's charlie. >> he has been inspiring his mother for many years. and what she has done with that is the real story here. charlie and twin brother, peter,
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were born three months premature, barely throw pounds between them. charlie got the worst of it. nine month os a ventilator, a lifetime of difficulty learning. kathleen though says he's a firgt. he used binders full of giants recaps and box scores to teach himself reading and math. still, kathleen wondered what job opportunities would be there for charlie county the road. so with the background in catering, kathleen helped start a cafe at charlie's middle school staffed with other special needs students. >> they can sometimes feel disconnected to their own communities. >> then did the same at his high school. >> today, we're going prepare strawberries in two ways. >> and now, well, now, kathleen is taking it big time. when palo alto's newest public library opens this career, ada's
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cafe will be there to serve. kathleen working not just with charlie. >> i am cleaning the strawberries so they'll look beautiful for the tray. >> but other developmentally disabled adults. >> so, we're going to kind of spread them out like this. >> teaching them kimpb skills, giving them life skills, helping them earn a paycheck. >> for many of them, i get a little emotional, but you know, knowing that you're valued enough to receive a paycheck is huge. >> one woman combining a love of food and a love for her son to help others embrace life just like charlie does. >> until the cafe opens, they've been runni a catering service, so people are becoming very familiar with some very good food for a very good cause. >> i'll be a taste tester. >> i was. >> thanks so much. jeff ranieri now with our forecast.
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i see some fog behind you, jeff. >> and that really is the determining thing in the forecast today. with that fog has set off some widespread temperature extremes across the bay. even areas of drizzle expected across the coastline, but check it out right now on our sky camera networks. you can see drastically different across the east bay. upper 80s, sunny skies and increased fire threat right now with humidity at 80%. the big talk is all about this hotter weather coming our way. we've got two things that's working towards us with this hot weather. high pressure offshore. that's pretty typical this time of the rear, but we've got a second surge of heat. it's going to combine together to give us again, double surge of heat coming our way, but not everybody is going to be hot. it's going to be all about the wind direction and which way this is moving. you're going to see as we head throughout parts of today, 92 in
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pleasonton, 67 in san francisco. what you're going to see, you're going to watch those arrows. that's the direction of the wind. t going to stay onshore throughout friday, so that's a cooler wind. it will keep san francisco at 72 and half moon bay at 64, but pleasont pleasonton, 96 degrees. it's not going to be strong enough to knock down pleasonton, so hotter temperatures for friday and throughout saturday, it warms up a little bit at the coastline, but that wind coming out of the west will still keep temperatures down if you're headed to san francisco or half moon bay, but pleasonton likely to heat up to 99 degrees, so not everyone is going to be warm the next 48 hours, but for some that are, there are going to be places you can go to cool off. 87 in san jose, but we expect to push up to 91 in morgan mills. 75 in san mateo. 85 in palo alto.
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then for san francisco, 70 along the embark der, temperatures expected in the 60s. to the north bay, east bay and for the tri valley, what you're going to find here is that temperatures are expected to warm up to 85 in napa and for the east bay, 94 in walnut creek and the tri valley, 93 in pleasonton and 94 in livermore. so the hottest weather in the try valley. forecast, go with 90, 91 and san francisco, 74, 75 and 98 to 100 expected on sunday. if you want to hit the beaches, t going to be all about santa cruz. check out this temperature. we should heat up to about 80 degrees. >> a nice little cooldown if you live in the tri valley. >> thanks, jeff. just ahead, tesla making enroads. the move that lawmakers made that's seen as a big win.
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tesla might be able to stay plugged in new jersey after all. state lawmakers approved a bill allowing the cars to be sold directly to customers. this as long as the companies operate service facilities there. tesla had been selling cars there until the state's commission ruled all cars be sold through a franchise. tesla responded with a lawsuit. lawmakers heard from tesla supporters today who pointed out the environmental and economic benefits of electric cars. muni is back. buses training and cable cars running almost at full speed. it started on monday when many
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muni workers upset over a proposed contract, didn't show up for work. muni is operating at about 90%. they are not allowed to strike, to they called in sick. we'll be back in a moment with a high flying tribute to the greatest yen ration on the eve of d day.
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we continue to follow breaking news out of seattle. we want to bring you a picture over seattle pacific university
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where a gunman open fire. a young man is dead. three others are hurt. one of the victims is a 20-year-old woman. she's in critical condition and undergoing surgery. the suspected gunman in custody. tomorrow is the 70th anniversary of d-day. a turning point in world war ii when allied forces stormed the beaches of normandy. today, a heart in the sky, one of the many highlights from an air show by royal air force pilots. hundreds of veterans met in portsmouth. they made their final preparations in this city. stay with us for our continuing coverage of this somber anniversary. brian williams is in normandy broadcasting this evening. he'll be there tonight and tomorrow and have a one-on-one interview with president obama. and we'll be back with more news at 6:00 and theing in seat.
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>> on our broadcast tonight from normandy, life or death. the plot thickens over the prisoner swap for an american soldier that sparked such an uproar and tonight, a new story line has emerged about why congress was kept in the dark. history of failures. a devastating report out tonight with gm and major executives are out, as well. manhunt, a city on lockdown as a man takes aim at police officers. tonight tens of thousands are being told to stay inside. and the greatest generation, the reason we're here tonight along with the man who coined


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